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'Your company offers a good and fast translation service for a reasonable price.'
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'Your translation system is truly unique. For the purpose of comparison, we also sent this text to another translation agency, but only received their price proposal this morning. At that time we had already received the completed translation from you.'

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Our 4 pillars for a high quality translation

Experienced professionals:

At Nativy, we only work with experienced professional translators. No bilinguals! Our translators only translate into their native language. Since every translation is proofread by another professional translator and rated, you are guaranteed to be delivered a very high-quality translation.

Industry-specific translation:

We make sure that your text is translated by someone who has experience translating similar content. As soon as you upload/enter text, our in-house algorithm compares your text with previously translated texts by our translators, to assign you a translator who has experience with your content-type and style.

Direct contact with translator:

At Nativy, we understand the importance of being able to directly communicate with your translator, in case either party has questions or clarifications. As soon as you place an order, your translator, proofreader, and you are all able to communicate through our chat function.


All orders are handled absolutely confidentially. Once you are logged into your account, you can track for up to 3 years exactly who had access to your data and when. Guaranteed!


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