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1.1 Professional Translation and Editing Services

At Nativy, you can order professional translations and editing of any kind of written content. We work exclusively with professional translators who are native speakers. Our professional translation is a 3-step process: first the content is translated by a professional translator who is a native-speaker; then a second professional translator--also a native speaker--proofreads it and discusses revisions with the translator; and in the final step the translator incorporates the feedback and finishes the order.Our editing service comprises of proofreading/correction of content by a professional writer who is a native speaker. You would use this service, say, to have your French press release, corrected for grammar, punctuation, and word-choice by a professional writer who is a native speaker of the French language.Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-25 um 16.59.51.png Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-25 um 17.00.10.png

1.2 Language Combinations

We offer translation services for over 500 language combinations. Out of English, we offer 65 languages; out of French 48 languages, out of German 51 languages, out of Spanish 39 languages; out of Italian 34 languages; out of Portugese 18 languages, and so on.You can see a complete list of our language offerings here: LanguagesShould we happen to not currently offer a language you need, please do get in touch. We would be happy to assist you.

1.3 Pricing

Our pricing is typically calculated on a per word basis. When you upload or copy/paste text, our system calculates the number of words and then the price accordingly. The translation prices include translation with proofreading by experienced professional translators who are native speakers.For an exact quote, please upload your content, and pick your languages on our Website here. If you have questions or concerns about any pricing-related issues, feel free to contact us.Below is a price list of average pricing per language. Please note these prices may be slightly lower or higher depending on translator availability and specialized translation needs.
fromtoPrices with proofreadingfromtoPrices with proofreading
GermanEnglish€ 0,15EnglishGerman€ 0,15
GermanArabic€ 0,13EnglishArabic€ 0,08
GermanBrazilian€ 0,15EnglishBrazilian€ 0,08
GermanBulgarian€ 0,11EnglishBulgarian€ 0,08
GermanChinese€ 0,18EnglishChinese€ 0,08
GermanCroatian€ 0,13EnglishCroatian€ 0,08
GermanCzech€ 0,13EnglishCzech€ 0,10
GermanDanish€ 0,21EnglishDanish€ 0,16
GermanDutch€ 0,15EnglishDutch€ 0,14
GermanFinnish€ 0,19EnglishFinnish€ 0,15
GermanFrench€ 0,13EnglishFrench€ 0,12
GermanHungarian€ 0,13EnglishHungarian€ 0,09
GermanItalian€ 0,13EnglishItalian€ 0,09
GermanJapanese€ 0,22EnglishJapanese€ 0,12
GermanNorwegian€ 0,28EnglishNorwegian€ 0,20
GermanPolish€ 0,13EnglishPolish€ 0,09
GermanPortuguese€ 0,13EnglishPortuguese€ 0,08
GermanRomanian€ 0,09EnglishRomanian€ 0,06
GermanRussian€ 0,09EnglishRussian€ 0,07
GermanSerbian€ 0,13EnglishSerbian€ 0,07
GermanSlovak€ 0,12EnglishSlovak€ 0,09
GermanSlovenian€ 0,13EnglishSlovenian€ 0,11
GermanSpanish€ 0,12EnglishSpanish€ 0,08
GermanSwedish€ 0,21EnglishSwedish€ 0,16
GermanTurkish€ 0,11EnglishTurkish€ 0,09

1.4 Delivery Time

Delivery times depend on the volume of content. For smaller jobs our delivery time is usually overnight or within 1 to 2 days. To get an exact delivery date for your job, please upload or enter your content and pick your languages on our Website here.Should you need something delivered faster than the date shown, please contact us in the chat room or by email. We would be happy to find a way to meet your request.

1.5 Security and Privacy

At Nativy we understand the importance of proprietary information and have several measures in place to ensure that your content is secure and is handled with confidentiality.All of our translators are bound by our strict non-disclosure agreements. Moreover, only the translator and proofreader that work on your job are given access to your documents. Unlike other translation agencies, we do not send out your document to several translators and wait for a quote.For highly sensitive documents, we can encrypt your files by swapping out numbers, figures, and names. We can also slice your project into several parts and assign each part to a different translators to ensure that no one translator has complete knowledge of your project. Please get in touch should you require such assistance.All transactions on nativy.com are conducted on a secure https line. Nativy does not store any credit card information. All our credit card payments go through Mpay24, a leading payment provider that is PCI compliant. Nativy is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and all files are stored on the Windows Azure Cloud.

1.6 Happy Clients