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Our 72 German to English translators are all native English speakers and call United Kingdom, Australia, and United States home.

With over 350 million native speakers and over 1.5 billion non-native speakers, English is undeniably the language of the global economy and the internet. Without high-quality English content, no brand can truly claim to be global.

German to English Professional Translations:

Why they’re important? No market can compare with the English-speaking market for size, and with the advent of global online connectivity, the ability to reach this market from anywhere in the world has never been higher. While it may be easier than ever for an English speaker to come across your website or service, they won’t be able to understand it unless it offers content in their language. Offering English content proves your commitment to building a truly global brand.

Offering English versions of your content is also invaluable for Search Engine Optimization. Native English speakers and even many non-native English speakers often only enter their search terms in English. If you don’t have English content, you’re missing out on loads of potential web traffic.

German to English Professional Translations: Why us?

Unlike traditional translation agencies, we provide a seamless, high-quality process that eliminates inefficiencies without sacrificing quality.

Let’s say you need to translate your website from German into English, French, and Italian. Traditionally, you would email a translation agency and wait hours for a response only to learn that they can do English and Italian but that their German to French translator is on holiday. Afterwards, you’d be buried under an avalanche of emails with the first agency finalizing the orders for English and Italian and with a second (or sometimes even third) agency looking for a French translator.

With Nativy, this entire process takes three clicks. You upload your text (we support all major file formats, including XLIFF), and we instantly provide you quotes from a list of our translators based on quality, timeliness, and affordability. Once you pick your translator, you can instantly communicate with them through our online interface.

We have over 2800 translators and 500 language combinations, which means you’ll never have to go to another service to find professional translators. In German to English alone, we have 76 translators, all of whom are native English speakers with over two years of experience in professional translation.

Specialized knowledge in any industry

Industry-specific knowledge can be indispensable in producing high-quality business translations. Every industry, after all, has a unique set of terms and vocabulary. Consistent and accurate translation of key terms is absolutely crucial. That’s why our system prioritizes offering you translators who have previous experience translating texts like yours. The second you upload your text, our system scans it and compares it against our translators’ previous work. Translators who have done work with similar material are more likely to show up as one of your choices.

Our translators have a vast range of experience in many industries, including Hospitality, Banking, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Agriculture.

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Annikki, Translator since 2006 from London, United Kingdom

I have many years' experience in language business and only take on projects I can confidently handle. I am dependable, thorough and committed to quality.

Hugh, Translator since 1985 from COVENTRY, United Kingdom

High-quality, intelligent translations from German, Dutch and Russian into English from an experienced professional

Hans-Jochen, Translator since 2013 from Garland, United States

I translate mainly technical documents English->German and German->US-English. I have years of experience in the science and engineering fields.

Emil, Translator since 1970 from Winnipeg, Canada

Biologist by training, translator 40+ years, science/medical/environmental field. Experience in both public an private sector.

Erkki, Translator since 1974 from Naarajärvi, Finland

In a manner of speaking, the foundations for my, Erkki Pekkinen, present profession as linguist are in the woods. I am a forester (MSc) by my first profession.

Daniel, Translator since 2005 from Houston, TX, United States

Bilingual professional with experience in medical, policy, and cultural topics; passionate about improving access to information and addressing disparities.

Orsolya from Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

Hungarian native with long years of experience as a translator and generally with German clients. Main focus of the last years is on subtitling works.

Carina, Translator since 2002 from Voelkermarkt, Austria

Translator and proofreader with 15 years of experience. Reliable, professional and always delivers on time.

Marija, Translator since 2013 from Innsbruck, Austria

I offer translations from and into German as well as from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian into English. I have an MA in technical translation. Assured quality work.

Erich, Translator since 2014 from Greystones, Ireland

Enabling communication across language barriers - delivering top quality translations