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Our 22 German to Ukrainian translators are all native Ukrainian speakers and call Poland, Ukraine, and Russia home.


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Andriy , Translator since 1996 from Karlsruhe, Germany

I am Ukrainian and Russian native speaker based in Germany with about 20 years of translation (engineering, medical equipment, marketing, sports)

Tetiana from Kharkiv, Ukraine

I am a professional translator from German/English to Russian/Ukrainian with over 6 years of experience. My specialty fields are IT and Medical.

Rimma, Translator since 2007 from Ratingen, Germany

I have 26 years experience in translation & interpretation services, i.e. in the language pairs GE<>EN (US&GB), RU<>EN (US&GB), UKR<>EN (US&GB), RU<>GE, UKR<>GE

Alexander, Translator since 2000 from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

It will be my pleasure to translate for you. I am a native Russian & Ukrainian speaker with next to native English and 16+ years of experience

Artem, Translator since 2009 from Kharkiv, Ukraine

Reliable and punctual translator with hands-on experience in many fields.

Tetiana, Translator since 2008 from Kyiv, Ukraine

A professional translator with 10 years of experience and proven linguistic, organizational, research and self-education skills, reliable and easy to work with.

Vadym from Kyiv, Ukraine

I started in 1997 as freelance translator and gained knowledge in logistics and sales working for BMW, Mazda, Volkіwagen. My specialization is Auto Business.

Andrej, Translator since 1992 from Kiev, Ukraine

Lawyer and experienced linguist with university diploma degrees in both law and translations. Legal, business translations from German in Russian and Ukrainian.

Tatyana, Translator since 2008 from Kyiv, Ukraine

English to Russian/Ukrainian Translator. Over 10 years of experience. General, Technical, Business, Legal and other translations at your service at short notiсe

Igor, Translator since 1972 from Dorsten, Germany

Reliable full-time freelance translator/interpreter, 40+ years experience and solid technical backgroung (Ph.D, 20 years experience as engineer & scientist)