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Our 127 English to German translators are all native German speakers and call Germany, Switzerland, and Austria home.

German is the most widely-spoken language in the European Union, which is the world’s largest trade block. Thriving industry in Germany (the largest economy in the EU), Austria, and Switzerland mean that German content is a necessity for companies hoping to improve their global reach.

Why English to German Professional Translations are important?

English to German translation has become a key strategy for companies pursuing globalization and localization strategies. English to German website localization in particular has taken on immense importance as more and more of the global economy moves online. Research suggests that consumers are many times more likely to make a purchase on a given website if that website is localized into their native language.

According to one study, German is the third-most widely used content language on the internet. Only English and Russian have more web pages in their language, meaning that if you haven’t translated from English to German, there’s a good chance a competitor does have a localized website.

Having a German version of your English website also helps with Search Engine Optimization, as the vast majority of web users type search terms in their own language when using a search engine like Google.

English to German Professional Translations: Why us?

While it might be tempting to dump your English copy into Google Translate and tick the ‘German’ button, doing so can prove a mistake in the long run. Automated translations are often error-laden and read choppily to a native eye. If it doesn’t read naturally, a German speaker is likely to leave your page. Companies hoping to create a multilingual website should invest in approved professional translators of proven quality.

Our 125 English to German translators are available in just three clicks. Our algorithm, which favors quality, affordability, and timeliness will present you with a list of our translators for you to choose from. Every Nativy translator holds a translation degree or has years of proven translating experience.

Ordering is easy: upload or enter your text, and get instant quotes for free. Our system supports any file type, including .doc, PDF, and XLIFF files.Then, pick which of our translators would suit your need the best. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are or what time zone you’re in. Whether in London, New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, you can feel free to order any time of the day and any day of the week to take advantage of our German to English translators, who live in German-speaking locales like Vienna, Berlin, and Munich.

Specialized knowledge in any industry

Finding a translator with a knowledge of your industry is crucial to properly localizing your brochures, manuals, marketing emails, or any other content into German. Our algorithm compares your content with previously completed work from translators, meaning that if you need an expert in, say, agriculture, our algorithm will match you with one. Our translators have experience in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, law, and banking.

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Kai, Translator since 1991 from Borken, Germany

As a professional translator, I open doors for my clients.

Sharon, Translator since 2005 from Gedera, Israel

With over 10 years of exerience in professional translations, I believe that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Renate, Translator since 1994 from Lynnwood Ridge, South Africa

I've been working as a passionate translator at the sunny tip of Africa since 1994.

Josef, Translator since 1997 from Wien, Austria

My first priorities are professional translations and keeping deadlines

Sabine, Translator since 2004 from Langenzenn, Germany

Creative translator and coypwriter with a passion for marketing texts and long-time international experience in various industries.

Jürgen, Translator since 2003 from Neuss, Germany

Your translator from Germersheim (Germany) for IT, contracts, business administration, and music using the language pairs en, fr, es, nl > de

Ursula Adelheid, Translator since 2005 from Perugia, Italy

I translate mechanical and technical content into clear, concise German for your partners, colleagues and customers.

Heike, Translator since 1992 from Mönchengladbach, Germany

Since 1992 experience in the translation of difficult technical, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering texts et al: IT->DE->IT and EN->DE

Robert, Translator since 2014 from Taunusstein, Germany

Translation agency Schwarz & Fuchs - your reliable partner for high-quality language services.

Miriam, Translator since 2013 from Erkrath, Germany

Relevant experience in translating legal and business texts.