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Our 50 English to Greek translators are all native Greek speakers and call Cyprus, Albania, and Greece home.

With over 13 million native speakers worldwide, Greek, one of the oldest languages on earth, still has a strong following. While the Greek economy has taken a hit in recent years, the country still boasts robust Hospitality, Agriculture, and Shipping industries.

Why English to Greek Professional Translations are important?

As more and more of the economy moves onto the web, English-speaking companies will have the opportunity to reach an unprecedented number of international consumers. A properly localized website is the key to converting this newfound reach into bottom-line results. Research shows that consumers are far more likely to purchase goods and services from a website if it is available in their native language. Multilingual, localized sites also offer an advantage in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Greek internet users, understandably, are more likely to enter their search terms in Greek than in English.

English to Greek Professional Translations: Why us?

While machine translation may sound like an easy way to localize your content, it can be a big strategic misstep. While sites like Google Translate are good for conveying a general sense of the translated document, they are poorly worded and often error-ridden. Without an experienced, professional translator, there’s no way to properly localize your content.

Our 50 English to Greek translators are native Greek speakers and have spent years doing professional translations. Many of them even studied it in University, often going on to get an advanced degree in translation. After you upload your text, our algorithm instantly provides you with a list of translators prepared based on their affordability, quality, and timeliness.

Our system accepts any file type you’re working in, from the translation-standard XLIFF to the widely-used .doc. Furthermore, because our algorithm is synced with our translators’ calendars, the delivery estimate we provide you is accurate no matter what time of the day you’re ordering.

Specialized knowledge in any industry

Whether it’s Hospitality, Engineering, or Banking, every industry has jargon specific to itself. In ordering translations, it’s crucial to find a translator with expertise in the industry required. That’s why our algorithm scans your text and matches you with translators who have translated similar material in the past. Whether you’re translating a guest brochure or a highly technical engineering manual, our algorithm matches you with a translator experienced in your field.

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Nathalie, Translator since 1993 from Montreuil, France

Bilingual, splitting my time between France and Greece. Thanks to my years of experience, I can offer high-quality translations.

Anna, Translator since 2005 from Thesprotia, Greece

I have been working as a freelance translator and subtitler since 2005, mainly between Greek, English, German and Spanish.

Theodoros, Translator since 2003 from Athens, Greece

Experienced in marketing content and technical texts

Katerina, Translator since 2005 from Heraklion, Greece

Experienced and very passionate translator. I am a perfectionist and, consequently, very efficient, reliable and efficient at meeting deadlines.

Ioannis, Translator since 2000 from Nea Smirni, Greece

Technografia provides industry-specific translation solutions in major European and Asian languages

DEEPAK KUMAR, Translator since 2001 from BHARATPUR, India


Eleftheria, Translator since 2013 from Athens, Greece

Freelance translator with a degree in English & English literature and experience in medical, IT and general translation. CAT tools: Trados 2015, Matecat.

Georgios, Translator since 2011 from Barcelona, Spain

I am native Greek and fluent in English, French, Spanish and Catalan, and I have extended experience in translation.

Dimitris, Translator since 2007 from Athens, Greece

Qualified English > Greek Translation and Localization Specialist with more than 10 years of experience. A proud member of PEM and ELETO.

Olga from Perea, Thessaloniki, Greece