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Our 31 English to Hindi translators are all native Hindi speakers and call Fiji, Nepal, and India home.

Over 300 million people speak Hindi worldwide. What’s more, the bulk of those Hindi speakers are located in India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Many believe that soon, much of India’s economic growth, especially in eCommerce, will come from consumers who speak Hindi exclusively, meaning English to Hindi translations will only become more crucial in the coming years.

Why English to Hindi Professional Translations are important?

While eCommerce is undoubtedly connecting companies with new consumers in a way never seen before, those companies without proper localization efforts run the risk of ceding market share to better-prepared competitors. In one study, 72.4 of consumers reported a clear preference for buying products with information available in their own language. In another study, 42 percent of internet users said they never visit websites in other languages to buy goods or services. Multilingual websites also have an edge in Search Engine Optimization. Many Hindi speakers, unsurprisingly, are more likely to enter a Google search in Hindi than in English.

English to Hindi Professional Translations: Why us?

While it might be tempting to plop all of your English copy into an automatic translator and click the ‘Hindi’ button, machine translation can often be a big mistake. Though they’re good for getting across a general sense of what a text is about, more often than not they’re laden with errors and awkward phrasing. Without a professional translator or native speaker, there’s a good chance your ‘translated’ text will do more harm than good.

Our 28 English to Hindi translators are all native Hindi speakers with years of experience in professional translations. Many of them hold translational degrees from accredited universities. Whereas most professional translations require hours of waiting around for a quote, our algorithm will instantly serve you a list of translators and prices that you can choose from. The algorithm prioritizes based on timeliness, affordability, and experience.

Our system syncs with translators’ calendars, meaning we’re able to give you an accurate estimate of how long your translation should take a given Hindi translator no matter when you order. No need to find a Hindi translator in London, New York, or wherever else you’re ordering from! We can also handle any file type: PDF, XLIFF, .docx, you name it!

Specialized knowledge in any industry

Need to ensure specialized knowledge for a manual, brochure, or other targeted piece of content? Our algorithm will instantly compare your text to jobs translators have had in the past and look for similarities, meaning you’re likely to be matched up with somebody who has the expertise you need. Our translators have experience in a wide range of non-localization fields, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, and Hospitality.

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Priya, Translator since 2006 from Bangalore, India

​​I have a bilingual mother tongue i.e. ​​Malayalam & Tamil and I translate into these languages.​​​ Also I can translate into Hindi, Telugu & Kannada.

QUDSIA, Translator since 2008 from NEW DELHI, India

Hi, I am a Freelance Translator and Linguist. I am a Ph.D scholar from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India. My subject was Urdu Literature.

Sanjeev from Hisar, India

Your search for right person in English>Hindi Translation Service ends here. Well qualified with more than 15 years experience under various disciplines.

Ravi, Translator since 2015 from GANDHINAGAR, India

A Gujju for Gujarati - Native speaker - Creative content Writer for Gujarati - Completed several projects in same language pair - Cost effective

ASHUTOSH KUMAR, Translator since 2015 from NEW DELHI, India

I have been taught German-English translation. So I can provide a quality translation. Furthermore, my studies after my intermediate is in English only.

Pawan, Translator since 2004 from Chandigarh, India

I am a full-time freelance translator working from last 13+ years. I am specialised in L10N of softwares, websites and IT contents.

Vinod, Translator since 2014 from Mumbai, India

I am a freelance translator having 4 years of experience in translation. I am native Hindi speaker and translate from English to Hindi.

Puneet, Translator since 2014 from Bathinda, India

Reliable, Accurate, Well researched, and Quick Translation from and to English & Hindi & Punjabi

Indira, Translator since 2008 from Singaperumal Koil, India

To satisfy clients with Best Translation quality at affordable rates delivered well within the deadline

Madhu Soni, Translator since 2011 from Ahmedabad, India

From Eng to Gujarati for world's ;largest translated website www.jw.org. I have experience of translating audio, video and print publications.