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Our 196 English to Italian translators are all native Italian speakers and call Switzerland, San Marino, and Italy home.

Italian has always been an important global language. While a wide range of businesses (including some 7,500 in the U.S.) conduct business in Italy, the country is a particular leader in the global fashion, food, and design industries. Reliable translations from English to Italian are your ticket to 59 million global speakers.

Why English to Italian Professional Translations are important:

It’s no secret that the economy is moving online. eCommerce sales have skyrocketed over the past few years and companies are licking their chops at the prospect of access to previously unavailable global markets. Without a sound method of localization, though, there’s little chance of making a dent in the Italian market. Researchers, for instance, have found that consumers are many times more likely to make a purchase on a website available in their native language. This figure and the proliferation of localized websites mean that those who have still yet to translate their content are at a significant disadvantage. Translated web content also yields Search Engine Optimization advantages. An Italian, after all, uses Google in Italian, not English.

English to Italian Professional Translations: Why us?

The temptation to use automatic machine translations should be avoided. While they produce a result instantly, it’s hardly a proper translation. Error-laden and clunkily worded, such translations can be as likely to drive an Italian speaker away from your product as they are to impress her. The only way to get reliable translations is to use a reliable, professional translator.

Our 180 professional English to Italian translators were all hired with years of translating experience under their belts; many even studied translating at their university. All are native Italian speakers from cities like Rome, Milan, and Naples. While other professional translation agencies take hours to send you a quote, our algorithm will tell you instantly how much a job will cost. After you upload your English translation job in any file format (XLIFF, PDF, etc.), our algorithm will go through our Italian translator and present a list for you to choose from. Our algorithm prioritizes quality, timeliness, and affordability. Our algorithm also takes time zones into account, meaning that whether you’re in London, New York, or Chicago, you can order any time of the day or night.

Specialized knowledge in any industry

For many jobs, expertise not only in translation, but also in a specific industry, is crucial. Whether you’re translating a flier, technical manual, or guest agreement, our algorithm will prioritize giving you a list of Italian translators who have experience translating that type of document. Our translators have experience in industries as wide-ranging as Banking, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Entertainment, and Hospitality, meaning we’ll have you covered no matter what you need translated into Italian.

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patrizia, Translator since 2000 from monza, Italy

"A good translation is a bridge between two cultures. The river to cross is our diversity of languages.Let's transform this obstacle in an opportunity."

Marco, Translator since 1971 from OPERA - Italia, Italy

I translate english>ita since 1972 and ita>en since 1980. Expertise in patent and handbooks.

Valentina, Translator since 2009 from San Maurizio d'Opaglio, Italy

Translator & localizer from English and German into Italian, specialized in marketing, tourism & HR, passionate about languages and cultures, food and travel.

Silvia, Translator since 2003 from Rottingdean, United Kingdom

A member of the CIoL, I have a thorough knowledge of the translation cycle and I am passionate about getting your messages across as effectively as possible!

Debora, Translator since 1990 from Alghero, Italy

I have over 25 years of experience as a translator, proofreader and interpreter, with very good research, writing, proofreading and editing skills.

Andrea, Translator since 2006 from Rimini, Italy

I have 10 years' experience translating for a diverse range of industries and in styles ranging from complex technical documents to marketing campaigns.

Simona, Translator since 2003 from MARSEILLE , France

I am an Italian freelance translator who has studied in Wales and now lives in France. I love travelling, writing and cooking.

Daniela from Villeurbanne, France

I am a lawyer specialized in legal translations, but also commercial, financial, websites and e-commerce products.

Gabriele, Translator since 2007 from Swieqi, Malta

Experienced and specialised English to Italian translators, with over 10 years as full-time linguistic career

Melissa, Translator since 2015 from Cantello, Italy

I am a journalist and an English and German into Italian translator. I am majored in medical and It translations.