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Our 15 English to Norwegian translators are all native Norwegian speakers and call Sweden, Denmark, and Norway home.

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With 5 million native speakers, ordering professional translations into Norwegian gives you the power to connect meaningfully with new clients in untapped markets in Norway, which has a GDP of 389 billion USD. There’s no better way to engage with this sizeable market than with localized Norwegian content. After all, multiple studies have shown that consumers are far more likely to use services or purchase products available in their native tongue.

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Our 11 English to Norwegian translators all have at least two years of professional experience translating into Norwegian and all speak Norwegian as their mother tongue. Many hold degrees in translation from accredited universities. After you upload your text, our easy ordering system produces instant quotes and a selection of translators, making it easy for you to compare your options on price and delivery time for your English to Norwegian translation. Support for all major file types and unfettered communication with your translator throughout the project creates a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Professional document translations from English to Norwegian:

Our algorithm is uniquely designed to find you the English to Norwegian translator best equipped to provide a high-quality, localized translation of your documents, be they travel brochures, technical manuals, or press releases.

The minute you upload your text, our algorithm scans and cross-references it against our translators’ previous work. The list of English to Norwegian translators we present to you is likely to have translators familiar with your industry and it’s specific vocabulary in both English and Norwegian.

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Per, Translator since 1993 from Oslo, Norway

Following satisfying careers in hotel management and IT, I have been translating independently since 1993. I share my time between homes in Oslo and Marbella.

Annette, Translator since 2003 from Sandefjord, Norway

I am a professional technical translator with 15 years experience. I translate from German, English, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian.

Lars Martin, Translator since 1981 from Oslo, Norway

I mostly work with technical texts, but also with history and history of religion.

Helene, Translator since 2001 from Santa Clarita, United States

I have been a full-time translator since 2001. My specialty is medical/pharma and technical. I take great pride in my work and hope to help you in the future.

Monica Linge, Translator since 2002 from Ålesund, Norway

Språkøret - translator of English, German and Italian to Norwegian with experience from the tourism, maritime, estate and marketing industry since 2002.

Greta from Rørvik, Norway

Native Norwegian translator with long experience in businesstranslation.

Maria, Translator since 2011 from Trondheim, Norway

In my offshore job I have been translating short documents from the oil and gas industry since 2011

Even Michael, Translator since 2014 from Lindesnes, Norway

I deliver solid work within the time frame. I have a background as a teacher in social studies, and I have studied communication, media and history,

Ida Elise, Translator since 2016 from Søgne, Norway

Hello! My name is Ida Elise Berget and I am a native Norwegian translator. I have translated professional since 2016 and I am totally in love with my work.

Ari Iskander, Translator since 2009 from Oslo, Norway

Trustworthy, professional and accurate.