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Our 158 English to Russian translators are all native Russian speakers and call Russia, Lithuania, and Armenia home.

With over 250 million speakers and a massive economy, translations into Russian are incredibly popular right now. Russia is a world leader in the energy industry and a huge player in the global economy. High-quality business translations from English to Russian can provide huge advantages for both newcomers and established players in the Russian market.

Why English to Russian Professional Translations are important:

More and more Russian speakers are joining the online economy every day. While this is great news for companies hoping to kickstart their ecommerce business, localized Russian content is key to taking advantage of this emerging market. Multiple studies have shown that consumers are many times more likely to buy from a website that is available in their native language, not just one that they understand. Translation also yields big benefits in Search Engine Optimization. A Russian, understandably, is more likely to enter their search terms in Russian than in English.

English to Russian Professional Translations: Why us?

Machine translation might seem like a quick fix for a company pursuing a localization strategy, but the Russian translations they produce are frequently choppy and riddled with inaccuracies. Without a translation from a professional Russian translator, you run the risk of having a confusing and embarrassing translation associated with your firm.

Our 99 English to Russian translators all have years of experience with professional translation. Many even have a University degree in translation. When you upload your text, our algorithm will instantly provide you with a list of translators, chosen based on affordability, quality, and timeliness. After you’ve picked your translator, you’ll be able to chat with them whenever you want from inside our system.

Because our system syncs with translators’ calendars, we can provide you a completely accurate time estimate. No need to wait for your local translation shop in London, Paris, or New York to open before getting a quote. Our system is compatible with any file type you might have, from PDF to XLIFF.

Specialized knowledge in any industry

Oftentimes, precise knowledge of technical vocabulary is crucial. Russia, for instance, is a world leader in the Energy industry, which has its own set of specialized terms in both Russian and English. In providing translators for you to choose from, our algorithm considers if they have experience translating the type of text you uploaded. Whether it’s a corporate report, technical machine manual, or an advertisement email for a bank, our system will provide you the most qualified translators for the job. Our translators include experts in industries as diverse as Healthcare, Agriculture, Entertainment, and Hospitality.

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Vladimir, Translator since 1980 from Moscow, Russia

Need quality, accuracy and reliability for your translations into Russian? Then look no further. I am the right person for any request!

Oleg, Translator since 2001 from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

I am a certified English to Russian translator (native Russian) since 2001, with MA Translation degree. Primary area of expertise: hospitality, technical.

Ekaterina, Translator since 2000 from Moscow, Russia

Since 2000, I have been working in the translation field. I am free-lance translator accredited by the Union of Translators of Russia.

Nesterenko from Mogilev, Belarus

I'm interested in digital technologies, cybersecurity etc., and evolving of Belorussian and Russian languages in these contexts.

Ekaterina, Translator since 2006 from Paris, France

English to Russian, French to Russian technical translator, PhD in optics, Master in radiophysics. Specialized in optics, shipbuilding and maritime, electronics

Alla, Translator since 2009 from Kyiv, Ukraine

I have an enormous capacity for work. When it comes to professionalism, I am dedicated, conscientious, and efficient in meeting deadlines and achieving results.

Oksana, Translator since 2012 from Melesivka, Ukraine

А full-time freelance translator with master’s degree in translation and international law from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (honors diploma).

Alexey, Translator since 1993 from Tallinn, Estonia

I am professional translator with Master's Degree in Engineering and 23 years of experience in translation.

Vadim, Translator since 2004 from Zaporizhia, Ukraine

English-Russian translations http://engrutra.com - full compliance with DIN 2345 standard.

Gulliette, Translator since 2011 from Lviv, Ukraine

Professional certified translator, a published author, a natural bilingual and a passionate linguist for whom translation is an inevitable part of daily life.