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Our 12 French to Brazilian Portuguese translators are all native Brazilian Portuguese speakers and call Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil home.


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José, Translator since 1998 from Itu, Brazil

My studies in humanities and social sciences enable precise and idiomatic translations focused into the target language.

Maikon Augusto, Translator since 2014 from Curitiba, Brazil

I'm native of Portuguese of Brazil and I have two master degrees, as well some years of experience as proofreader, editor, and translator.

Telma from A dos Negros, Portugal

Hello :) I'm Portuguese and I speak English, Spanish and French, translating these three languages about 7 years.

Roberto, Translator since 2002 from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Translation/Subtitling/Transcription/Revision,Editing EN<>PT|FR>EN|EN<>EN|PT<>PT English variants(UK,USA);Portuguese (Brazil, Africa,Europe)

Tatiana, Translator since 2009 from Nürnberg, Germany

Hello, I am a professional translator since 2009. I am specialized in the Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical field.

Rafael, Translator since 2007 from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil

Master of Arts completed on February 2007, exclusively dedicated to professional translation of medical and pharmaceutical content since then.

Cassio, Translator since 1983 from Porto Seguro, Brazil

Freelance translator since 1993. I translate for Translation Agencies such as Transperfect, Thebigword, RRDonnelley, Capita TI and Multiling.

Silvia, Translator since 2012 from Rome, Italy

Italian qualified translator with five years of experience in the field. Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting.

Cassio, Translator since 1995 from Arraial da Ajuda, Brazil

Translation/editing is my passion! The translations are of high quality, have technical responsibility, are delivered at the right time and are priced right

Nathaly, Translator since 2009 from São Bento do sul, Brazil

Specialized Proofreader (not a Translator though)