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Our 6 Italian to Brazilian Portuguese translators are all native Brazilian Portuguese speakers and call Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil home.


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Rafa, Translator since 1997 from Santee, United States

I am certified in PT>EN translations by the ATA and have a Professional Certificate in ES>EN Translations from University of California San Diego Extension

Anabella, Translator since 2011 from Twentynine Palms, United States

I have been working as a freelance translator for 5 years for several international clients translating all kinds of texts. I am reliable, punctual & meticulous

Paula, Translator since 2008 from Olinda, Brazil

Freelance translator for more than 10 years, specialized in IT and Medical areas. Fast, reliable and punctual. Easy to contact.

Rafael, Translator since 2007 from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil

Master of Arts completed on February 2007, exclusively dedicated to professional translation of medical and pharmaceutical content since then.

Juliana , Translator since 2016 from Florianópolis, Brazil

Brazilian freelance translator/proofreader specialized in technical and legal texts and documents

Luciano, Translator since 2018 from Porto Alegre, Brazil

I am able to provide high-quality translations from English, Italian, and Spanish to Brazilian Portuguese. I have a BA in translation.

Maria Elizabeth, Translator since 2012 from Florence, Italy

English and Italian to Brazilian Portuguese translator specialized in tourism and travel with terminology knowledge. Trustful and accurate translations.

Edegar, Translator since 2011 from Köln, Germany

Translator/Interpreter with 8-year experience. IT-EN>PTBR. Foreign Language Teacher. APTRAD member. Business, Tourism, Religion, Renewable Energy, Gastronomy.

Francisco, Translator since 2004 from Campinas, Brazil

I have more than 15 years of experience as Technical Translator translating all major technical fields for major translation agencies in Brazil, Europe and USA.