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Our 15 Polish to German translators are all native German speakers and call Germany, Switzerland, and Austria home.


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Anna, Translator since 2009 from Berlin, Germany

Your text deserves a real expert. Now you've found one.

Joanna, Translator since 2013 from Wien, Austria

Reliable, punctual and professional legal & human sciences translations - as well as copywriting and creative writing.

Karina, Translator since 2006 from Salzgitter, Germany

I am a EN-GE and PL-GE certified translator with 12 years' experience, specialising in medicine, insurance and sworn translations.

Aleksandra, Translator since 2014 from Wien, Austria

I don't just translate words - I translate ideas, building new cultural understandings.

Anja from Dresden, Germany

Anna from Wien, Austria

Michael, Translator since 2006 from Wien, Austria

Slavicist and translator (Russian, Polish, Czech -> German). Sworn translator for Czech-german in Germany. Translation traineeship at the European Parliament.

Christoph Jan from Euskirchen, Germany

Julia, Translator since 2002 from Vienna, Austria

She never met a translation she didn't like.