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Elizabeta Petrovic Great staff, excellent platform, prompt payment.
Cristina Rovira This is a reliable agency, payments on time, great forum for communication among translator, reviser, client and their office. Highly recommendable!
Nicole Y. Adams M.A. No problems at all, very nice to work with.
Kanstantsin Nestsiarenka Good company and excellent staff, adequate rates.
Martina Une Great agency. They have a computerized admin system that makes administration quite simple. Very friendly and easy to work with. Pay on time. Will work with them any time.
Cécile Spinelle I recommend this agency. The platform works very well, the communication is easy and fast. The projects are also interesting.
dboyd1 Great company--very professional, timely payment, always interesting work.
Laetitia Michel Very interesting projects, reasonable rates and the platform works very well.
Borbala Kemeny A pleasure to work with them, really supportive, responsive and pay ahead of time.
Catherine ROY Une équipe sympathique pour des traductions bien payées, une très bonne ergonomie du site. C'est très agréable de travailler avec eux.
gotoh Based on the system, I could recheck my translation as an assigned translator after the proofreading to find many errors made by the proofreader. The payment was fast. The score should be 6 out of 5.
marantz An excellent agency in every respect.
marantz Agence sérieuse à recommander vivement. Annonce de traductions, commandes, livraisons, relecture, échange de commentaires via leur site. Contacts très sympathiques. Paiement rapide et spontané.
hamtaro70 Reliable and professional outsourcer. Good communication, good rates and prompt payment.
Daniele Giulianelli Great system, good rates and interesting clients!
Pjer Kosovic Awesome outsourcer who cares about their translators.
Huasha Considerate, efficient and always willing to help, all 5 points.
Marcia Miyuki Iwai Serious agency, friendly people. Good rates, punctual, easy to get in touch with, great site... what else can I say? I'm very satisfied.
YNOMIYAMA Interesting projects, reasonable deadlines and rates, pleasent communication - highly recommended.
Cristina Rovira Professional and efficient, interesting projects, timely payment.
Magnus Johansson Prompt payment, flawless communication and interesting projects.
Jaroslaw Bak Very reliable outsoucer. Good communication and timely payments.
Adam Kiolle Excellent! Very nice online platform for submission of work, management of projects and invoicing. Prompt payment, too. Looking forward to the next job.
Eurico Barros Good rates, prompt payment and a very interesting company to work with.
sazo I did a small job for them. Prompt payment. Hope that there will be some future job as well. Loved their thank you note left on my Paypal account.