Whether for a simple brochure, a lengthy press release, or a snappy poster, content providers need professional document translation more and more in today’s globalized world.

While machine translation seems like a quick fix, the translations it provides are clunky, inconsistent, and often full of basic grammatical mistakes. Businesses and content providers still rely on professional translators to bring their content to a multilingual audience.

Though the demand for professional document translation has gone up, the ordering process at most translation agencies is stuck in the past. Professional translation agencies have not taken advantage of recent technological advances. Clients ordering professional translations still have to go through the long, cumbersome process of sending files to an agency and waiting hours for a quote. Many agencies can only handle the most rudimentary file types, leaving customers to copy and paste their content from multiple files into a centralized word document.

Our Approach

Nativy is changing the way professional document translation works. Our three-click instant quote generator allows you to instantly evaluate a variety of price and delivery options for your order. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar agencies, our system accepts all major file types as they are. No more tedious and time-consuming copying and pasting!

Most traditional translation agencies employ only a handful of translators and offer only a few language combinations. Nativy gives you access to over 2,800 professional translators and over 500 language combinations. Whether you’re looking for translation into a more traditional language, like German, or a less mainstream one, like Icelandic, Nativy can satisfy your professional document translation needs.

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