Developers pour hours and hours into crafting the perfect app or game. By the time they’ve finished, localization is the last thing they want to think about before publishing. App and game localization have traditionally been extremely frustrating. Extracting string files, getting quotes on translations, and manually pasting translated strings into your project is as tedious as it is time-consuming.

Given the importance of being first to market, having an inefficient localization process can seriously affect the performance of your app or game. And while there are many apps and services to manage app localization, most of them expect developers to go through the frustrating process of finding and ordering translations themselves.

Professional App and Game Localization — Nativy’s Approach

Nativy’s system is uniquely equipped to cut down on the hassle and time it takes to localize your app or game. Our system is integrated with Linguan, a desktop application that allows OSx developers to manage their app or game localizations. One of the leaders in the app localization field, Linguan chose us because our no-stress system allows developers to satisfy all their localization needs in one place.

Our web-based system can handle virtually any file type (including the industry standard XLIFF file used by most developers) and will provide an instant, free quote for your translations the second you upload it to our order form. While the translator is working, you can communicate with them at any time through our online system. If you like a translator’s work, our system lets you use that same translator for your next app or game localization job.

Mac and IOS Apps

Localizing your Mac and IOS Apps?

Our partner, Linguan, lets you translate your app using Nativy’s professional translators in just a few clicks!

Linguan gives you a sophisticated editor for all string files in your Xcode project. You do not have to worry about missing translations or duplicate tokens because Linguan will warn you of these. Finally, Linguan allows you to order translations of your app, with free instant quotes on price and delivery from Nativy’s professional translators, in just a few clicks.
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