Marketing translation is unique. While technical translations require word for word and phrase for phrase accuracy, marketing translations must capture the general tone and color of the original text in addition to being accurate.

In order to be successful, the content must be as persuasive as it was in its original language. Therefore, marketing translators have to be good writers as well as good translators. Some even refer to this kind of translation as “transcreation,” to capture the unique skillset required.

Our Professional Marketing Localization Process

The Nativy system is designed to match you with a translator who will make your marketing as convincing in its target language as it is in the original. Our algorithm checks the content of your text against the past work that our translators have done. If it finds a translator who has done work on a similar type of marketing localization job, the algorithm will show that translator as one of your options!

Immediately after you order, you can provide the translator with any notes on which parts of the text are most important as well as general brand information. You will also be able to communicate with the translator anytime through our online messaging system. Subsequent translations with us only get easier. If you like the way a certain translator localized your marketing content, our system allows you to keep working with that translator for any subsequent job!