Mark Twain once wrote that “the difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

This adage is particularly relevant for professional technical translations. It’s no secret or surprise that every industry has its own set of vocabulary. For some professional translation jobs, though, being unable to properly translate technical terms can create huge problems.

Legal documents, engineering manuals, and medical texts all require a higher level of expertise to properly localize from one community to another. For translation jobs like this, it is imperative to find a translator who is not only a competent translator, but also an expert in the jargon and vocabulary of the industry.

Technical Translation and the Nativy System

Our more than 2,800 freelance translators come to us from a wide variety of industries. In fact, the only thing that all of them have in common is years of quality translating experience! Engineering, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Law, and Healthcare are just some of the fields that our translators have worked and have an expert multilingual vocabulary in.

Nativy’s matching algorithm is uniquely equipped to leverage this wide range of expertise into well-matched technical translations for clients like you. When you upload or enter your text to receive your instant translation quote, our algorithm cross-references your text with our translators’ previous work. If, for instance, your text has something to do with the engineering industry, our algorithm will present you with translators who have expert knowledge of the industry and have completed similar translations. This approach produces high-quality technical translations that use correct and consistent terminology.