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Get more visitors with more languages

In the year 2000 there were an estimated 400 million internet users. In 2016, there are well over 3 billion people surfing the web. Though the vast majority of these 3 billion do not speak English as their native language, over half of the world’s content is still in English. Monolingual websites represent a huge missed opportunity for websites hoping to reach a wide audience. A localized, professionally translated website, on the other hand, can become a huge driver of traffic and sales. Research shows that web users are far more comfortable browsing, posting, and spending money on websites that are localized into their native language. As more and more people start browsing, posting, and shopping on the internet, the importance of a professionally translated website will only grow.

Nativy provides easy, hassle-free professional website translations

Nativy’s entirely web-based, instant-quote system is the most convenient way to order high-quality website translations. Our website localization process is faster, more convenient, and more streamlined than that of traditional translation agencies.
Ordering website localization through traditional translation agencies is incredibly inefficient. Let’s say you need to translate your Website copy into German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and simplified Chinese. To do this you would email an agency, wait hours for a quote, only to find out that they do not provide Russian translations, and that their simplified Chinese translators are currently not available. You would then email another agency, and so on until you get quotes for all the languages, and then another flurry of emails will follow to finalize the order.

At Nativy, this entire process takes place in a few seconds. You upload your copy, pick as many languages as you want, and see instant quotes on price and delivery. Pick the quotes that suit you best, and pay to finish. Need specific keywords for Multilingual SEO or have special instructions for the translation? Just mention it in the “Notes for Translator” at the outset of the order. Or, you can mention it in our online chat system which lets you communicate with your translator at any time while they’re working on your project.